Seery app - about

If you don’t have the resources to hire expensive data scientists every month or to subscribe to costly predictive analytics software, Seery is the app for you. Coming from the business intelligence and data science team at Qualia, Seery brings complex and project-proven AI/Machine Learning methods at your fingertips.



  • Plan for the future with an accurate sales forecast in hand.
  • Automated ML-based customer segments for deeper understanding and targeted marketing
  • Track the most important KPIs like AOV – Avg Order Value, ARPU – Average Revenue per User, ANO – Average No of Orders …
  • Understand repeat customers, churn rate, and CLV – Customer Lifetime Value, for groups or for every single customer
  • Powerful Cohort Analysis with filters per customer segments.

Key Features

Monitor your business in a powerful Dashboard showing key information in one place.

Revenue Forecast – powered by Seery machine learning algorithms. Based on historical data, weekly and yearly seasonality, holiday effects, and anomalies detection.

Statistics and Averages – track one of the most important metrics for your business and monitor overall business health. Average order value (AOV), Average Revenue per User (ARPU), Average No of Orders per Customer (ANO), and more, with historical trends.

Customer Segmentation – Based on research eCommerce papers and Machine learning-algorithms, this segmentation provides an effective analysis for decision-makers to target their customers and develop appropriate marketing strategies according to their previous behavior. Detect your Active, Lapsing, and Lost, break down by High, Medium, or Low-value customers.

Cohort Analysis – start understanding customer retention through all historical data; do a powerful analysis of customer behavior based on customer segments.

Customer Lifetime Value – Seery can predict how much and how often will EACH repeat customer purchase. Based on that fact, a CLV is calculated based on historical and predictive customer lifetime value.